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Susan Ball - author - life lessons leader


About Susan



Susan born in Brisbane and has lived in the United Kingdom and Italy. She lives life to the fullest! Her passion is to make a difference to the quality of life of people with disabilities. However, she now sees this scope as much broader and wishes to share Universal Life Lessons from My Brilliant Blue Bohemian Butterfly, a book full of lessons that will enable us all to not only accept our differences, but embrace them.


Susan has been involved in the community sector for over thirty years. She has been an advocate for her daughter, Anna, and many others in need through her dedicated service to others. She is a Founding Member of National Disability Practitioners and a fully qualified Disability Support Worker with training and assessment expertise. Susan completed her Information, Advice and Guidance qualification in the United Kingdom. She is also accredited in the Art of Hosting where she brings people together who can contribute to the conversation and find solutions to improve their quality of life.


Susan is also a public speaker with a focus on honouring our loved ones from birth to death. She is a member of Chromosome 22 Central, a support group for families and individuals with disorders of Chromosome 22, and also of the Velocardiofacial Syndrome 22q11 Foundation, which is a not-for-profit support and awareness group.


Susan’s other passions include her love of art. She has had two exhibitions in the past few years displaying her photography and also her paintings, which she has absolutely loved creating. They bring out her creativity and enable her to bring balance to her life, and through these exhibitions she is able to give generous donations to her charities of choice. Art of Giving, which is the name of her artistic ventures, reflects her approach to life in whatever she does.


She is currently on the Board of Access Arts Incorporated and Paint Your Life Foundation, and is Youth Director of the Rotary Club of New Farm. She is also a volunteer Community Correspondent for 612 ABC.


Susan is a global leader presenting Universal Life Lessons Workshops around the world to a broad range of groups in areas such as early intervention, youth, transition, careers advice, disability, aged care, end-of-life, and bereavement support.


As a life lessons leader, Susan is also able to provide individual information, advice, and guidance sessions.

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