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Universal Life Lessons From My Brilliant Bohemian
How to bring love, hope, joy and meaning into your life

About our services


Susan Ball, Author and Life Lessons Leader offers a broad range of services to meet your needs. 


She understands that along your life journey there will be times when you need support.

Susan specialises in Universal Life Lessons’ workshops that cover all facets of your life’s journey to enable you to keep focused and achieve your goals, aspirations and to strive for your higher purpose. 




* Early Intervention

* Youth

* Transition

* Careers Advice

* Disability

* End-of-life

* Bereavement Support



in addition to her workshops

* Information, Advice and Guidance

* Public Speaking

* Art of Hosting Facilitation



As part of her services, Susan ensures there is follow-up after you have attended a workshop or received individual support. Its important that you feel you are not alone and that by knowing you are supported along the way it can give you confidence and hope to improve your quality of life. 

It can be so rewarding seeing one milestone and acknowledging and celebrating it.  

As the first universal life lesson says ‘Be grateful for small steps and celebrate them with all your heart’.

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